Michael & Deborah Lindholm

Michael & Deborah Lindholm, Inner Power Coaches

Do you want to recover from a health issue, a relationship problem, a job loss, money problems or something else that you’ve been struggling with?

Are you ready to start rebuilding your life and see the happiness you really want begin to unfold?

Have you thought about what it would feel like to tap into and hear and know your inner guidance and trust yourself and your decisions?

“Within a serene mind, the inner awareness and power for creating the life you want are inherent.The solutions to problems are more readily known. The support for recovery from the stuff of life is evident. Rebuilding your life gets easier.”

Some of the benefits our clients experience are:

  • You’ll be able to step into the driver’s seat of your life, feeling good about yourself.
  • You’ll get the clarity and focus you need to go forward with confidence.
  • You’ll have people respond to you in positive ways and see opportunities open up for you.
  • You’ll send clear signals, enjoy being heard and better understood with fewer miscommunications.
  • You’ll learn to trust yourself, staying centered no matter what’s going on around you.

“I could feel how thoughts and beliefs that had held me back for years were literally being swept away! The peace that followed after our work together was incredible. I never felt so limitless and capable of so much. It’s a life changing experience and if you are serious about tapping your highest potential, I highly recommend Serenity Matters!”

Julie Purdy, Cohoes, NY

Clients that benefit the most from our programs and services:

  • Have been struggling with the stuff of life
  • Want to stop the same things from happening over and over
  • Are looking for new ideas and solutions to challenges
  • Recognize they need a helping hand to recover and rebuild
  • Are ready for a life of better health, easier relationships, greater wealth and more happiness than they can imagine

“Life feels different and more fun. Unbelievable things have been happening too! I appreciate what you taught me and how you explained everything in ways that were easy to understand. This helped me to be focused, interested, and on the edge of my seat…I am eager to learn more and so grateful that you have been such a precious and important part of my journey.”

Angela Phillips, Nantucket, MA


As always, please consult with qualified health professionals before putting session or workshop ideas into practice. The ideas and techniques are not meant to diagnose or replace the need for medical attention or professional mental health care.

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