5 Steps to an Abundant Mindset


Living in the land of plenty does not guarantee an abundant life. Many factors determine the level of abundance an individual may enjoy, but none is more crucial than a mindset that is open to abundance.

If there is something that you’re lacking in your life, you want more of or want to maintain what you’ve got, then apply the following steps as soon as possible. They will assist you to focus inward where the source of your inner power awaits enlistment and to take action outwardly where success leaves clues in daily life.

1. State your goals. Identify your goals in specific terms as a choice that you are making and intend to manifest in the next year.

For example:

“I choose to noticeably reduce my daily stress level.”

“I choose to have a job with a flexible work schedule that allows me to respond to the needs of my family.”

“I choose to have friendships that are caring, honest, inspiring, fun and mutually honoring in all respects.”

2. Design an action plan. As you brainstorm the steps that lead to success, you will get ideas for your action plan.

For example, an action plan for reducing stress might include:

- Set aside 15 minutes a day for stress reduction.

- Research 15 minute meditation processes online and load one onto my iPod.

- Listen to the meditation process during my lunch hour each day and write the time in my appointment book.

- Keep my appointment with myself as if it was a doctor’s appointment for my child.

3. Identify positive qualities and feelings. For manifestation purposes, imagine how it will feel to achieve your goal.

For example, with a decreased daily stress level – “I feel lighter and happier, more energetic and able to accomplish things faster and easier, more patient with loved ones, co-workers and customers, and notice an inner calm that helps me feel more confident to handle responsibilities and commitments.”

4. Notice the excuses. Sometimes resistance crops up and hinders your progress. If you’re unable to follow your action plan, take an honest look at the steps and write down why you are not following through on your plan. Maybe a different plan would be more supportive or your plan could use some fine tuning.

For example, regarding the goal of stress reduction – “I haven’t been able to find the right meditation process plus every time I sit down to research online, one of the children needs something from me.”

5. Find solutions. Goals take time to accomplish and there’s a process that occurs. If you know that your goal is still valid and excuses or resistance are interfering, simply brainstorm different solutions.

In the example of stress reduction, possible solutions could be to get up a half hour early in the morning to do research or do it once the children are in bed at night, ask your spouse to attend to the children while you research, do the research at work during your lunch hour, go to a book store and look at their meditation CD’s or call a yoga studio and ask for suggestions.

If the excuses persist and you become stuck or are prone to give up, get outside help to clear away whatever blocks you from following your plan, staying motivated and manifesting results. After you declare your choices, draft a plan, imagine your feelings and monitor your progress, it is worth your time and resources to seek the help of a professional who can coach you through the rough spots.

Once you experience manifesting from an abundant mindset, you truly know that success is within reach for any goal you set.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

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