Active Prayer


“Are Your Prayers Getting Answered?”

That’s kind of a personal question, isn’t it? It’s also an expression used in our Judeo-Christian culture and other faiths that rely on or use prayer. Maybe you don’t use prayer, but you know what we’re getting at. Is your life what you want it to be?

Do a check-in of your life right now and ask yourself if you’re happy with every aspect of it? Of course, you’re grateful, but are you happy? Are your prayers getting answered? What’s your answer?

  • “No.”
  • “Sometimes, but not enough.”
  • “A little, I get what I deserve.”
  • “Yes, but I don’t want to ask for too much.”

If there’s something in your life that lacks joy, feels hard or causes distress in any way, then do something different. Your fine and enormously capable brain might immediately know what the solution is or you can sit down and brainstorm ideas. You will know fairly quickly if this approach brings you the results you want.

However sometimes you feel really stuck, trapped or at your wits end with no hope for any resolution in sight. You know the feeling – you really want to change something, but you can’t because there’s a fight going on inside of you and you feel like it’s a big battle and overwhelming to do anything different.

When that happens, your ego program file spews random inner-dialogue, which is a steady stream of negative and disempowering thoughts and seemingly rational reasons to keep the status quo. The best thing to do is to hand the whole kit and caboodle over to a higher power that is greater than your ego program file. A higher power could mean God, the Creator or your higher consciousness. The important thing is that you get out of your head and connect with the Divine. That’s where prayer comes in.

Typically, when we think of prayer, we think of the traditional method of asking God to bless someone or ourselves in ways that we identify. Of course, the Creator can do anything and prayer is how we ask for help.

Like everything in life, we continue to learn new things and expand our understanding of who we truly are and our multi-dimensional nature, acknowledging all aspects of self- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In our quests for knowledge, we naturally evolve our understanding of prayer and have come to realize that prayer is meant to be an interactive process.

In this context, we shift our paradigm and employ an updated form of prayer called “active prayer,” which has been given to us by the Creator and contextualized for present day culture, understanding and application. That doesn’t mean that we throw “out the baby with the bathwater” and eliminate traditional forms of prayer. It means that we’re grateful to receive the gift of more prayer tools and techniques such as Serenity Vibration Healing®, an active form of prayer.

A lot has changed since the Bible was written, however, there’s still a whole lot of truth and wisdom to be found in the Bible. You’re probably familiar with the saying, “Ask and you shall receive.” You know that saying is a variation on a quote from the Bible. When this approach is simply applied through traditional prayer, the focus is usually on the end result, for example, whatever the petitioner is asking for.

In an expanded use of active prayer, we ask for divine wisdom and divine truth to be given and the means to the end, which may include developing attributes such as courage, patience, discipline, compassion, no judgment, flexibility, intuition, strength, higher awareness and perception among many other things. We use active prayer to clear away the random inner-dialogue, the limiting beliefs and the disempowering emotional blocks to our happiness along with the adverse influences coming from our soul lineage or genetics.

There’s a lot more to active prayer than meets the eye. When you utilize this method or get outside assistance to guide you through the process, the results show up in your life. And, you awaken your inner power and begin to feel the fullness of the connection with the Creator that has always been there awaiting your discovery.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

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