Becoming Complaint Free


What Are You Complaining About?

Ever pay attention to what your complaints are? Ever try to go complaint free?  Complaints are by and large a symptom of unhappiness.  Encarta defines them as:

- statement of unhappiness: a statement expressing discontent or unhappiness about
a situation

- If you have any complaints, talk to the manager.

- something making somebody unhappy: something that makes somebody
discontented or unhappy

Are You Unhappy?

Sometimes we go about life completely unaware of how profoundly unhappy we are.  We manage the day to day tasks and we’re so totally busy that we don’t even pause to evaluate if we’re happy, content or peaceful.

If we were to pause and take an honest look at our state of serenity and explore whether we’re on the right path, then the answer would probably be fairly obvious.  A great way to make a quick assessment is to explore what you’re complaining about.

What do you constantly complain about?

Very few things are completely perfect.  You can have a splendid day and still get a flat tire.  You can be living your ideal life and still get a pounding headache.  Things happen. Occasional complaints are normal and how you handle them and respond to them are indications of whether you’re on the right path.

Complaints that are chronic and recurring are the external result of internal discontent.  So real quick, think about what you’re complaining about?  Do you find that the complaints are all related to a common theme or a few common themes?

The great news is that by simply taking a look at what you’re complaining about, you can see where you need to make changes.

For example, if you find that you’re often complaining about your boss then you know that it’s time to do some work around your relationship with this person, or perhaps about your career.  Maybe you vent about your boss, but your career is unfulfilling and your boss is simply an easy target.

Turning Complaints Into Positive Action

Complaints are by their very nature negative.  They’re chock full of negative energy and they draw more negative energy to them.  So if you’re complaining regularly about your health, well guess what…your health isn’t going to get better because you’re drawing more ill health to you.

However because they are easy to recognize, complaints can also be a powerful source of opportunity.  Every time you complain you can stop, think about it, and do some internal evaluation.  Eventually, you’ll be able to stop and turn your complaint into a positive statement and draw what you want to you rather than more unpleasantness into your life.

Becoming Complaint Free

The Rev. Will Bowen, author of A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted challenged his congregation to live complaint free.  In order to help them remember to stop complaints before they speak they wear a purple bracelet.  Every time they complained they were to remove the bracelet or switch it to their other wrist – the goal being to go complaint free for 21 days straight.

Recognizing your complaints can help you to eventually live a serene and complaint free life.  Take a look at what you’re complaining about, use it to get back on track living the life you want and start living a complaint free life today.

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