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Spot Check Your Conscious Awareness

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To become a conscious human being requires becoming aware of what you are doing, how you are feeling, and the thoughts you are creating moment to moment.  This level of conscious awareness goes hand-in-hand with “being present” or “in the moment.”

Conscious awareness is important because your thoughts and feelings spiral out and create your reality.  Ideally, awareness of yourself in each moment supports you to consciously create more of what you want in life rather than what you don’t want.

When you are wrapped up in a task that takes all of your focus and attention, you are truly living in the moment.  This could mean anything from working, to concentrating on your taxes, to being in the arms of your beloved, to a creative endeavor that you are so engrossed in that time seems to fly – three hours go by in what seems like three minutes.

For the rest of the time, it’s easy to drift along and allow our thoughts to go in a direction that is a far cry from what it looks like our attention is on in the moment.  We ruminate on the past or think about what we need to accomplish in the future or how it might unfold.

As multi-taskers, we can drive our car while listening to the radio and with our thoughts relive an argument we had yesterday, feel the anger again and worry about how the conversation will go tomorrow.  That’s typical, but mental and emotional distractions like these can interfere with our current focus, like driving, and we might narrowly miss getting in a car wreck.  Or, end up having no quiet time in our thinking to allow inspiration to bubble up or for the solution of a problem to emerge, because our thoughts are running amuck.

When self-awareness is lacking, we are more likely to haphazardly create our reality or something consciously undesirable or maybe even a disaster.  Furthermore, we are unable to connect with our inner power and utilize all of our inner resources, when our attention is momentarily aimlessly directed.

How can we become more present in our daily lives — while driving, waiting in line at the grocery store or bank, while cooking or exercising?  Well, we can increase our level of consciousness by becoming more personally aware.

3 Strategies to Spot Check Your Conscious Awareness

The strategies that follow are useful to bring your attention to your inner world, which reflects your level of consciousness.  Utilize all or one technique, depending upon your circumstances, to rapidly achieve a higher level of consciousness.

  1. Notice Inner Stress - Are you feeling stressed? What kinds of thoughts are circling your brain? What is the emotion associated with the thoughts?  Ask yourself:  Are these thoughts true? Are they helpful? Give yourself a counteracting positive belief to neutralize an undesirable thought.
  1. Focus on Body Sensations Focus in on a place in your body where an uncomfortable sensation, thought or feeling resides. Instead of being angry at or resenting this sensation, send it love. Ask this body part, thought or emotion if it has a message for you. Get quiet and listen for the answer.
  1. Ground Yourself Energetically - Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and consciously breathe into it. Imagine putting a grounding cord down from the base of your spine all the way into the center of the planet. Tell yourself to release anything that’s not serving you down into the cord. Now imagine that everything is perfect in this moment as you envision that cord shooting right up into the cosmos as it stays connected below.

By nature, becoming more self-aware encompasses the state of being present with what you are doing, feeling and thinking in each moment.  When we consciously monitor ourselves in this way, we do not allow the outside world to upset our inside world.  Events don’t “run” us, we “run” them.  Rather than being in a stressed state, we can step back and be in the observer mode, a higher level of consciousness, and only then can we recognize what the moment truly brings us.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, but you must include the following resource information in its entirety: Deborah Lindholm works with individuals ready to move beyond the fear, confusion or doubt that holds them back, by learning to work with their inner awareness and inner power and apply that deep inner wisdom in their life where it counts. If  you’re ready to awaken your inner power and surge forward in your life, get your FREE tips at

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Be Thankful for Who You are Right Now

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The Thanksgiving holiday offers opportunities to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives.  Many times this means other people – our spouse or partner, our children, our friends and neighbors, and the coworkers and clients who matter to us.

As we find ourselves doing special things with others and for others this holiday season, it opens up a space for loving feelings for ourselves as well.  Coming from a space of gratitude and open-heartedness for the people in our lives makes it easier to find compassion, love and acceptance for ourselves.  In a perfect cycle, we are continually enriched and nourished by this circle of loving kindness.

During the holidays, if you find yourself out of sorts and in a phase where extra forgiveness or kindness for yourself is necessary, here’s a valuable exercise:

Practice Unconditional Love for Yourself

Close your eyes and imagine you are cradling yourself in your arms and loving yourself just the way you would love an innocent, beautiful baby, or your “fur baby” pet.  Direct that love at that baby – yourself — in your arms and let that love come from your heart, wash over and encapsulate you.

To everything there is a season . . .

Have you ever gazed at a bare tree in the wintertime at dusk – really seeing it?  Even though the leaves are gone, the stark black branches look achingly beautiful against the pink and orange sky.  Perhaps you love fall foliage and aren’t looking forward to winter.  Maybe you’d rather enjoy spring blossoms on the tree or lie under its shade in the heat of the summer.  Still, you’re appreciating and loving that tree just the way it is, and you’re aware of that unique moment in time.  No matter what the season, the beauty of the experience still infuses you with loving feelings.

The same can be said for yourself – there is beauty and appreciation to be had whether you’re in the summer, autumn or winter of your life.

When you have gratitude for the place you have reached and there is no resistance, no “buts,” no second-guessing, simply total acceptance for your life and the paths you’ve taken – then you are able to go forward with nothing stopping you.

Appreciate and Be Thankful for Who You are Right Now

Like the rings on a tree that record the growth of the tree over time, we too are always personally growing in ways that may or may not be visible to us.  It can be beneficial to acknowledge how we have changed and grown from time to time.

By bringing all the parts of you up to date with who you are now, you will be able to unconditionally love and appreciate yourself more as you move into the new year – with no baggage, regrets or negative feelings.  Take a moment to ponder how you are different now from last Thanksgiving or from five years ago.

Get out some paper and a pen or start a Thanksgiving Journal that year after year you record your self-acknowledgments in a visible record of the “rings in your tree.”  Really take some private, loving time for yourself to answer the following questions truthfully and thoughtfully.

Ask yourself these questions and keep the focus on how you’ve grown or are growing now. If something comes up that was a rough patch or is causing you stress, consider how the experience was of benefit to you or how it’s helping you to personally grow now.

“Who do I know myself to be right now in all of my relationships – with my spouse or partner, family, friends, co-workers, clients, customers and my community?”

“What roles do I play in my relationships and how do I add comfort, ease and joy to the lives of others and make a difference?”

“What commitments, big and small, have I made and how do I honor them with joy and a generosity of spirit?”

“What have I done that has positively affected the overall quality of my life, my whole being, the state of my health, my career and my finances?”

“Where have I put my focus that has made a noticeable difference for me personally or for someone or something else?”

Just as you admired the tree in winter, you’ll likely find you are grateful for challenges that stretched you or showed you how powerful you are.  You’ll see how well you’ve done in your life emotionally and spiritually.  And you’ll find compassion for yourself with the realization that you did the best you could with what you knew at the time.  Only from this place of being thankful for who you are can you move into a place of even greater love, self-acceptance, gratitude and joy.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? ? You can, but you must include the following resource information in its entirety: Deborah Lindholm works with individuals ready to move beyond the fear, confusion or doubt that holds them back, by learning to work with their inner awareness and inner power and apply that deep inner wisdom in their life where it counts.

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Free Yourself from Fear Fast!

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Fearless Fridays Telesummit

Deborah Lindholm will be conducting a FREE program that is designed to Free You From Fear Fast! And, you’ll be able to do it right on the call – transform fear so it no longer holds you back! Join Deborah on March 19th at 5 pm EST. If  you can’t make the live event, listen in later to the recording. This is your ticket to benefit in real time, right there on the spot. In the program, you will:

• Get the scoop on the 3 sources of fear that will surprise you and make you say, “Ahaa!” and never feel like you have to live with any limiting fear again.
• Discover your giant inner file that fears hide in; how this file acts like it owns you and what to do when it’s up to its old tricks.
• Tap into the 3 levels of consciousness everyone can access and use them to get clear and focused and free yourself from fear in a jiffy.
• Learn about the fastest way to speed up the release of fears so that nothing within you ever has the power to hold you back!
• And, much more…including free gifts and special offers!

To register for this program and learn about the other 30 experts lined up by Sophfronia Scott for The Fearless Fridays Telesummit, please go to

Together, let’s spring forward and get rid of fear fast!


Your Life Matters

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Michael and Deborah Lindholm invite you to learn how to live your life from an abundant mindset….

Join Our New Teleseminar Series Your Life Matters!

Techniques to awaken your inner power are deeply grounded with the stuff of life that matters to you – your health, finances, career, business, relationships, spirituality and much more – in these potent teleseminars! *

*Bonus – schedule a complimentary 30 minute private consultation with either Michael or Deborah upon completion of the teleseminar and home study components.

Learn how creation energy forms your reality and how you can affect the changes you choose and how you can design the life of your dreams. Read More→

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Help the Children of Garbage City!

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Jill Marie of Serenity Ministry(TM) has a mission and a vision:

Help the Children of Garbage City!

Put your wallet away.
This is about manifesting through directed thought.


Hold the Vision of a New Life
for these Children.

These children live in Manshiyat Naser (also known as Garbage City), which is a slum settlement on the outskirts of the city of Cairo. Their economy revolves around the collection and recycling of the city’s garbage.

During November a world team humanitarian mission was led by Jill Marie of Serenity Ministry(TM) (a worldwide ministry) to visit Saint Teresa’s Orphan Home in Garbage City. The mission team brought gifts, toys and money for the children, but discovered that there was an urgent need for food.

The orphanage works to save the lives of the babies living in Garbage City and also houses elderly women that have nowhere to go. It is run by the nuns of The Order of Mother Teresa.

How Can You Help?

Please listen to a short recording that will guide you to hold a vision for 30 seconds to help create miracles for these children.
(Click below for the recording)
A new recording by Jill Marie is available!

Together we can make a difference. Our thoughts and our prayers and energy can help to create new waves of change for the children of Garbage City.

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