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Written your book yet? You can do it!

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There’s an interesting statistic that says 82% of Americans want to write a book! What’s even more fascinating is that most of those books don’t get written. Are you one of these people?

I’ve been one and am happy to say that I have finally done it. I’ve co-authored a book, along with Jack Canfield and Donald Trump. It’s entitled, “How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times.” My editor, Sophfronia Scott, recently informed me that the book is in the publishing pipeline and will be available in early 2010.

I have to smile at the “my editor” comment…I wrote that on purpose. Sophfronia’s much more than an editor. She’s a bestselling, award-winning author. Soon she’ll be helping me complete another book that’s been a long time coming and teach me how to position my book within our business. It’s such an honor to work with her.

If you’ve been thinking about a book for your business, now is your chance to check out this complimentary teleseminar hosted by Sophfronia. It’s called “Business Book Strategy: How to Set Up Your Book & Your Business For Monster Profits in 2010.”

Sophfronia says that when you have the vision to even think of writing a book, you’re also capable of having a business that can make a difference for so many others. You owe it to yourself to give yourself every chance to make that happen.

Here’s the link if you want to check out her teleclass and sign up to get the recording:  Click Here to Sign Up

Let me know if you decide to no longer let another year go by without writing your book… you can get it done in 2010!

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Elvis is in the House

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Yes, Elvis dropped by….for our friend Roz’s birthday party! Actually, our group a/k/a Club Hormonz™ brought Roz to the Elvis event. What a hoot! This Elvis impersonator had the voice and the moves that were so convincing Roz remarked, “I think he’s channeling Elvis.”

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun…well it was at the last Club Hormonz™ event, “Mary Kay has a Posse.” Not to leave the guys out, but sometimes girls just wanna have fun. For more fun follow Roz and Club Hormonz™ at .

Are you having any fun lately?

Fun is an important part of a balanced lifestyle and it depends on how it fits in with the rest of your life, right? That’s what a balanced life is all about – managing all the aspects of your life for your general well-being. After all, if you don’t pay attention to this for yourself, you will not be able to be there in a healthy way for others in your life.

It took us a long time to even realize how important balance really is in life. Neither Michael nor I gave any thought to the concept until the stuff of life felt like it was knocking the stuffing out of us, but that is the stuff of the past. Maybe your life has gotten out of balance or maybe it never was in balance.

There’s no time like now to start Cultivating a Balanced Life. As the TV commercial reminds us, “You’re worth it!”

With joyful regards,


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Take Your Finances to a Bright Future

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“How to Merge Reliably Old and Radically New Roadmaps to Take Your Finances to a Bright Future”

This brand new coaching program is being brought to you by Kit Furey, JD, CHt and Deborah Lindholm, MACP, CHt.

Do you have a tug of war going on inside that keeps you stuck and in financial distress?
If you’re programmed for financial stress, then maybe it’s time to get programmed for financial success!

Whether you’re a financial wizard or you struggle to get ahead, this coaching program is designed to eliminate inner issues which wreak havoc with your finances. You will never look at your finances in quite the same way after this program!

So if you have financial systems that need to be polished up, or you need some new ones to support all you want to achieve in 2009, check out what we’ve got for you at .

BONUS: Join us for a fr*ee one-hour financial teleclass on Tuesday, January 27, 9pm EST, 6pm PST. Register here If you’re unable to be on the call, well register anyway. That way, you’ll get the replay of the seminar and you can listen to it when you want.
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Serenity Matters Holiday Greetings

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Holiday Greetings

The joy and excitement of the holidays is catching on in our house. Our daughter Lindsay has been making pounds of peanut butter fudge to send off to family and friends for Christmas.

The fudge-making tradition was started by Deb’s mom, who spread lots of sweet love with her fudge. This was Lindsay’s first time ever to make Gram’s formerly secret recipe and it came out great! We had a sweet time remembering Gram.

Whatever and however you are celebrating this holiday season, may you feel the serenity and joy that Christmas offers the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Serenity Matters,
Michael & Deb

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Serenity Vibration Healing Teleclasses

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Serenity Vibration Healing Manual

Discover the Secrets of Serenity and Learn Amazing Self-Empowering Tools in the new year.

The feeling of being able to do something for yourself that makes a huge difference in your life is unbelievably satisfying……and well…self-empowering!

“When we get in touch with that essential part of our being, then anything is possible, no matter the obstacles. The SVH teleclasses give you the tools to live and dream life without limitation.” Amy, Charleston, SC

Serenity Vibration Healing® is a cutting edge technique that gives you the clarity to create the life you want. It quickly frees you from unwanted and limiting thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and memories. It’s easy to learn over the phone and no experience is necessary.

Our next series of Serenity Vibration Healing® Level 1 teleclasses begin in January. The full schedule is posted on our calendar at

taking part in a group phone class is easy, fun, convenient and cost effective. We meet 2 evenings a week for 4 weeks. You can do a class from anywhere you have access to a phone. The classes are filled with rich content and the manual has recently been updated.

For more information and to register, go to . Class size is limited.

If you have any questions,  e-mail

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