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Free Yourself from Fear Fast!

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Fearless Fridays Telesummit

Deborah Lindholm will be conducting a FREE program that is designed to Free You From Fear Fast! And, you’ll be able to do it right on the call – transform fear so it no longer holds you back! Join Deborah on March 19th at 5 pm EST. If  you can’t make the live event, listen in later to the recording. This is your ticket to benefit in real time, right there on the spot. In the program, you will:

• Get the scoop on the 3 sources of fear that will surprise you and make you say, “Ahaa!” and never feel like you have to live with any limiting fear again.
• Discover your giant inner file that fears hide in; how this file acts like it owns you and what to do when it’s up to its old tricks.
• Tap into the 3 levels of consciousness everyone can access and use them to get clear and focused and free yourself from fear in a jiffy.
• Learn about the fastest way to speed up the release of fears so that nothing within you ever has the power to hold you back!
• And, much more…including free gifts and special offers!

To register for this program and learn about the other 30 experts lined up by Sophfronia Scott for The Fearless Fridays Telesummit, please go to

Together, let’s spring forward and get rid of fear fast!

Nobody likes to put a damper on the winter holidays. The holiday season, however, can bring out the best in us or remind us of the worst especially when it comes to giving and receiving. If any of the following patterns sound familiar, stop and smell the Christmas tree while you can and get a jump on potential post holiday blues. Below are a few common interpersonal patterns that may play out during the holidays. Do you see yourself in any of them?

Giving In ~ Denying Your Needs
Do you say “Yes” when you really want to say “No” and say “No” when you would rather say “Yes” to the extent that you just want to scream? Either way, this is a case of seriously denying one’s needs, denying what is wanted or feels good in favor of repeatedly giving into someone else’s needs or a critical voice inside you that says you should do this or should not do that during the holidays. Read More→

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Taking a Personal Inventory

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– What’s In/Out of Balance in Your Life?

One purpose of taking a personal inventory of the major areas in your life is to acknowledge what’s working and balanced and to pinpoint what’s out of balance and not working. In this context, the aspects of life that are balanced are areas to be grateful for and express appreciation towards. The imbalances represent opportunities for change.

When people are troubled or feeling badly, it is often difficult to identify what is in balance in their lives and give credit to the things that are going well. Focus on the obvious and basic stuff of life in this situation. If you are able to get out of bed each day and go about your activities, then take note of that fact. If you have the freedom to buy all the food you need to feed your family every week, be grateful for your abundance. If someone loves you, you are indeed blessed.

It’s relatively easy to notice what is out of balance in your life. Your attention is probably frequently drawn to what is lacking, uncomfortable, going wrong or the opposite of what you want. Sometimes we can get very good at covering up the imbalances and suffering instead of facing them and taking action to resolve them. Usually, there’s some sort of “dissing” involved such as discomfort, discord, distress, disharmony, disagreement, disillusion or even disease. Read More→

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Serenity Matters Holiday Greetings

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Holiday Greetings

The joy and excitement of the holidays is catching on in our house. Our daughter Lindsay has been making pounds of peanut butter fudge to send off to family and friends for Christmas.

The fudge-making tradition was started by Deb’s mom, who spread lots of sweet love with her fudge. This was Lindsay’s first time ever to make Gram’s formerly secret recipe and it came out great! We had a sweet time remembering Gram.

Whatever and however you are celebrating this holiday season, may you feel the serenity and joy that Christmas offers the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Serenity Matters,
Michael & Deb

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Mother, May I…?

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Mother, may I tell you how much I honor, love, respect and appreciate you?

Actually, I want to say, “Mom, I appreciate you bringing me into the world and all the sacrifices that you made for me when I was growing up; how you worked so hard in and out of the house; how you loved to play cards and games with us and Dad; how you continue to give me the benefit of your wisdom on matters important and minor; how you always love me; and mostly for who you are. 

A long time ago, I noticed that you always sign greeting cards with, “With love always, Mom.” I’d say that’s true, you have “always” been loving and I’d add that you love in “all ways” whether you show it in caring words, listening or with a batch of your famous peanut butter fudge or maple cookies.

One thing that I really regret is when you told me not to shave my legs when I was a teenager. You said, “You’ll regret it. Once you start, you’ll always have do it.” You were so right about that! You don’t have hairy legs, but I do…ugh.  Eventually, I remembered words of your wisdom on a lot more important matters than shaving my legs, but  I thought you’d get a chuckle out of this one.

Maybe you’ll get a chance to read this while you’re enjoying your day with Dennis and Sandy and the “kids” and Di, Dan, and Jensen if they joined you today. If so, Michael and I send our love to you all.   

Well, I’m not going to make this a long message. It’s “short and sweet” just like you. 

With love always,



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