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Tune In and Make Balanced Decisions

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How to Tune In and Make Balanced Decisions from Your Heart

Ever make a wrong decision and kick yourself for not listening to your heart?  Ha, it’s happened to all of us.  From minor decisions like what to wear to major decisions about where to live, if you should or shouldn’t change careers and if your relationships are working for you – many of us have at one point or another thought, “Why didn’t I listen to my heart?”

So how do you listen to your heart?  How do you tune in and make balanced decisions each and every tine?

Awareness. The first step is to become aware, both during those critical decision moments and in between, of the reality that there are many factors at work which are motivating your decisions.  You know that your brain and your thoughts are telling you one thing.  You know that your thoughts are strongly influenced by your emotions, namely fear, and you know that your body often kicks in and elicits a physical response which influences your emotions and your thoughts.

Be aware of these mechanisms.  Be aware that limiting thoughts are things that you can change, uncomfortable emotions are temporary states of feeling, and your physical reactions are the province of your body.  Most importantly, you are more than your thoughts, emotions and physical body.  You are something greater, bigger than all of those combined – you are an aspect of the divine, infinite and unlimited.  When you can set the thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations aside, and listen to your heart and what your soul tells you to do – then you begin to make balanced decisions.

Clearing. False beliefs and negative self talk can have a profound influence on your decisions.  For example, say based on how your parents dealt with their jobs, you believe that you have to stay at a job no matter how much you dislike it. You remember one of them saying, “There’s no reason to rock the boat.” Then when an opportunity comes up for a new job that sounds tailor-made for you, you pass on it because you are afraid of the change. Even if the money is good, fear takes over and your mind races with all kinds of reasons why you should stay where you are, denying what your heart wants.

In order to listen to your heart and make the right decisions for you, decisions that are based on clear and uncluttered thinking, then you need to clear away the false beliefs.  Clearing can be accomplished in a number of ways from meditation to SVH – Serenity Vibration Healing®, PSYCH-K(TM), and EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.  Hypnosis and other modalities will also help clear the clutter, false beliefs and negative self talk.

Practice. Practice making decisions based on your heart, asking yourself mentally, “What does my heart want right now?” Practice setting aside the external pressures and opinions of others and the internal influences like your limiting thoughts and fears. Focus on what you really want and listen carefully for the answer that your heart gives you.  You can begin practicing with smaller decisions like what to have for dinner and then build on your decision making skills.

It may seem silly to start with listening to your heart when it comes to everyday living. You’d be surprised at how many unbalanced decisions most people make out of habit. Often the decisions about what to eat or wear or which route to take to work, for example, are made by rote or habit. There’s little or no consideration of our heart’s desire when it comes to the mundane.  It’s an efficient way to live, but the seemingly inconsequential everyday decisions are a good place to focus on to cultivate the art of listening to your heart. You will probably be surprised by the answers.

Track the results. Journaling about your experiences is a very powerful way to help create a practice of balanced decision making via listening to the heart.  You can use the data and information you record to back up your practice.  For example, you may find that every time you allow yourself the opportunity to meditate on a decision, you make good decisions for yourself because your mind is quiet and you easily tune into your heart’s desire. Conversely, when you listen to others, you’re not as happy with your decision. Noticing the differences serves to enforce your meditative practice and it gives your conscious mind the proof it needs to continue on with the practice until it’s habitual.

Confidence and faith.  Letting go of the outcome once you’ve made a decision is an important step.  As you allow yourself to let go of the decision after it’s made, you will actually build confidence.  It’s about surrendering the outcome to the Creator or higher aspect of you that knows the big picture.  Your part is done knowing that you’ve made the best decision possible for yourself and then let it go with faith.

Balanced decisions, decisions based on your inherent mechanisms including your conscious thoughts, positive emotions and your heart, are the strongest decisions you can make.  When you make these types of decisions you are better able to let go of the outcome and have faith and confidence in your ability to handle what comes your way.  You are better able to make decisions that bring you the serenity you desire and deserve.

©2009 Deborah A. Lindholm

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The Two Most Powerful Words in Creation

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Two simple words, “I” and “am,” in any language have the power to make or break the life of our dreams. Sound overly simplistic? Not really.

We live in an electromagnetic world. All matter is composed of energy vibrating at various frequencies. Physics taught us that everything is energy, including our thoughts and words.

Thoughts and words have unique energy signatures and form energy fields. Similar thoughts cluster like iron filings to a magnet, creating thought forms and leading to physical manifestations in our lives.

Attaching “I am” or “I” to thoughts and words is akin to saying, “Tag, you’re it!” Signed, sealed and delivered with our energy signature attached. “My” and “mine” are also high up on the list of powerful creation words. Our thoughts and words precede the life we co-create.

Consider the following negative energy-creation statements:

I am sick and tired. I can’t ever get what I want.”

I am drowning in debt. I‘ll never climb out of this hole.”

I am no good when it comes to relationships. I’m a failure.”

Sounds more like a nightmare than the life of your dreams, right? Most people keep these thoughts to themselves, mentally ruminating or unaware that they are lodged in their subconscious.

Incessant random inner-dialogue fills our minds day after day. It grabs our attention, haunting us when our head hits the pillow at night. Unknowingly, we fuel it with emotions, holding on tight to harmful beliefs and patterns in the process.

Energy fields of intentions are created from random inner-dialogue. Every time we use words such as “I, am, my, and mine,” we are using a great gift from the Creator. It is called “free will” choice.

Many people are living unfulfilled lives, creating from unconscious random inner-dialogue and negative choices. Although grateful, they may feel unworthy or undeserving of something better. The belief that it is selfish, shameful or greedy to ask for more is common. Some individuals are afraid to ask for what they want; fearing judgment, rebuking or retribution.

Hypnosis and counseling use an approach called “reframing.” To reframe a statement means to restate it to reflect the desired outcome or positive perspective. Reframing the above negative statements, for example, potentially attracts positive creation-energy for the individual:

I am grateful and what I want comes easily to me.”

I am becoming debt free. I am financially independent.”

I am successful at establishing and nurturing honoring relationships.”

Being conscious of negative energy-creating words is fundamental to creating the life of our dreams. Clearly and consciously asking for what we want is equally important, implementing our free will choice.

Our part in the creation equation is simple. Our thoughts and words attract creation energy, attaching our energy signature to our words. A field of intention, fueled by our emotions, creates the life we have chosen with our free will.

It is our responsibility as co-creators to clear away the negative creation-energy that blocks us from creating the life of our dreams, allowing the blessings of the Creator to ensue.

©2009 Deborah A. Lindholm

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, but you must include the following resource information in its entirety: Deborah and Michael Lindholm are co-owners of Serenity Matters, LLC. They are dedicated to empowering clients and students with the Serenity Vibration Healing® tools.

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Have you ever noticed that you can walk in a room and the energy is almost palpable?  Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “You could cut the tension with a knife.”  This phrase arrived from that almost tangible feeling you get when you walk into a room where people have been fighting.  Energy has a vibration and when concentrated, as it is when a group of people are tense and agitated, you can almost reach out and touch it.

This kind of energy, if you walk into it or surround yourself with those who are emitting it, can have a profound effect on your own disposition and attitude – especially if you are unaware of the powerful effect energy has on us.  It affects your thoughts, your attitude toward yourself and others, and how you interact with the universe, your Inner Power Source and the Creator.

The same holds true for positive energy.  Walk into a room full of positive people, a party, a person’s home, and even a house of worship and feel your life force surge.  You feel surrounded by positive energy and your mood and attitude soar.

How Does This Happen?  Where Does This Energy Come From And Why Does It Have Such A Strong Effect On Us?

Plain and simple – your thoughts have energy.  Everyone’s thoughts have energy.  If you are in an argument with someone then you’re feeling negative, angry, resentful and even hateful thoughts.  The other person probably is too.  This negative energy is emitted and unless you’re aware enough to recognize it and separate yourself from it – you can become mired in negative energy which means more negative thoughts.  It can become a vicious circle.

However, the universe has created all things in balance and good thoughts emit good energy.  You can tap into this concept and embrace this power in your daily life.

  • Do you pray?
  • Do you meditate?
  • Do you create intentions?
  • Do you talk to God, The Divine, The Universe or your Inner Power Source or High Self?

What You Send Out Comes Back To You.

Each time you send a thought out into the universe it carries energy with it.  Think about that for a minute.  It’s a pretty powerful concept.  Not only do your thoughts have a direct effect on those around you – your thoughts carry energy into the universe too, they have a direct effect on the energy you bring back to you.

Explore these statements:
I am drowning in debt.
I am becoming debt free.  I am a strong, powerful, resourceful person.

Each statement sends out a different tone, a different vibration.  Each statement brings something back to the person who said it.  The person who says “I am drowning in debt,” will continue to drown in debt.  That’s the energy they’re sending out and it’s what they’ll get back.  It’s the good old law of attraction in action.

The person who says, “I am becoming debt free.  I am a strong and resourceful person,” will become debt free.

What do you want to receive?

What do you pray for, if you pray?  What do you meditate on?  What do you ask the universe for?  What do you desire most?

Are your thoughts in line with your requests?  Are you asking in a manner which will attract what you desire?  If you want better health are you framing your thoughts, intentions, and prayers in a positive manner – so you will draw better health to you?  Or are you focused on the negative and unintentionally attracting more of what you don’t want?

Most of us slip out of balance from time to time.  We forget, momentarily, to focus on the positive and let negative energy sneak in.  There are however various methods to help yourself refocus on the positive and make it a way of life.

They include:

  • Practicing awareness – staying in tune with your thoughts
  • Clearing and letting go of negative beliefs
  • Surrendering to the divine
  • Expressing gratitude regularly
  • Taking responsibility for your outlook on life

Ask and you shall receive – if you ask the right way with the right energy behind your requests you will receive.

©2009 Deborah A. Lindholm

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, but you must include the following resource information in its entirety: Deborah and Michael Lindholm are co-owners of Serenity Matters, LLC. They are dedicated to empowering clients and students with the Serenity Vibration Healing® tools.

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As the world becomes more and more complicated, our past catches up with our present and both interfere with our future. What would it be like if you could clear away the complications and focus on what is truly important to you? How would you like to be able to tap into who you are at your core and who you are meant to be in any moment? Serenity Vibration Healing® (SVH) clears out the junk and assists you to access your inner power source – unfettered and unencumbered.

The World Is More Than What It Appears To Be

Quantum physics has made great leaps (no pun intended) in the study of energy and matter. Because of this, we know that everything including all physical forms and even your physical body and thoughts are composed of energy. All energy vibrates and has a unique type of vibration or energy signature. Sound vibrates, light vibrates, your thoughts and speech vibrate, and your physical body and energy bodies vibrate too.

Now think about where these vibrations go. They go out into the world, into the universe and they are around us and within us. They affect us and what we create in our lives. Think about it like this – imagine walking into a room where two people have been fighting. You didn’t hear the argument and perhaps are completely unaware that they’ve been fighting, but you sense a negative energy in the room.

You may call it a bad vibe or you may think something like this cliché, “You could cut the tension with a knife.” It is the vibrational energy of their thoughts and words that you are sensing and picking up on. It affects not only those who come into contact with it but those involved in the argument too. Their entire body reacts along with their mind and their emotions.

How Tapping Into The Vibrations Can Change Your Life

Understanding that every thought you have and word you speak carries with it a vibration is a significant beginning to changing your life. In a Serenity Vibration Healing® session you are simply asked to state what’s on your mind. The technique is essentially a form of active prayer facilitated by a certified practitioner, who engages your higher aspect of self and provides specific directives to the Creator on your behalf. The process clears genetic predispositions, current life imprinting and soul lineage influences that are interfering with your ideal life.

As you state what is on your mind in a session by phone, email or in person, your thoughts and words are used to discover and uncover blocks and barriers to your stated goals. Any and all imbalances detected are re-scripted, reformatted, released and transformed by the Creator in an instant and your frequency of vibration improves and changes to provide clarity and serenity.

The clarity and serenity experienced in SVH sessions further assists you to:

Make better, clearer, decisions
Eradicate limiting beliefs and negative self talk
Clear past experiences that have held you back
Activate your innate gifts
Become who you are meant to be

This easy and effective form of active prayer helps you tap into your inner power source and access your inner strength and clarity. It’s a tool to literally reprogram and fine-tune the strengths that reside within you to give you more power over your life and your reality. Imagine being able to quiet all of the outside influences, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk which surround you every day and instead hear the simple quiet voice inside you that speaks with clarity and confidence. The result would be better decisions and a happier, more profound and empowered life.


Serenity is within your grasp with help from Serenity Empowerment Coach, Deborah Lindholm. Let her show you how to live an empowered life every single day. Download free pre-recorded telecasts, grab your “5 Simple Steps To Get What You Really, Really Want” report and more here: Free Stuff at Serenity Matters


Serenity is within your grasp with Serenity Empowerment Coach, Deborah Lindholm. Let her show you how to live an empowered life every single day. Download free pre-recorded telecasts, your “5 Simple Steps To Get What You Really, Really Want” report & more at

How you state what you want in the new year, including the energy within you when you state what you want and the words you choose, has a profound effect on your results. Framing your intentions in the most favorable and positive light will help you attain what you really want for your life.

This is far more powerful than writing down a few hasty New Year resolutions or glibly saying that you want to change a habit or accomplish a goal.

Before you can understand how to frame your intentions, it is important to understand what an intention is.

What Are Intentions?

Intention, as defined by the dictionary is:


1. aim or objective: something that somebody plans to do

2. quality of purposefulness: the quality or state of having a purpose in mind

Intentions are the first step to getting what you really want.  They’re essential because a well framed intention encompasses both what you desire along with the positive emotions and energy necessary to receive it back from the universe.

For example, “I intend to be better with money,” is much different than “I intend to become financially independent and debt free.”

The former, “I intend to be better with money,” implies ambivalence, doubt and even a lack of commitment to the intention itself.  It takes with it these negative or at the very most apathetic emotions with it out to the universe.  Now as you know, like attracts like.  If you’re ambivalent or negative about your intention well…the universe is going to be unsure or negative with the results it sends to you.

However the very positive and specific latter intention carries with it all the weight of an affirmation.  It’s a clear objective with a strong purpose.

Now you might be scratching your head and wondering what the difference between an intention and a goal is.

A goal is defined as:

the end toward which effort is directed: aim

While it is typically quantifiable and measurable, like “I want to save $10,000 towards retirement this year” it isn’t stated with the same purpose as an intention. An intention is a goal which asks for divine inspiration, assistance, and guidance – it carries with it a state of purpose. Goals are great and are very useful. Intentions, however, are much more powerful because they incorporate all of your energy – conscious, unconscious, and the divine to help you attain your objective.

Intentions Matter

Intentions are the first step toward getting what you really want out of life.  They’re the first step toward serenity.

Your Inner Power Source, the soul within you which is the divine, gives you what you ask for. When you ask for it with feeling, know who you really, really are, and release the blockages that keep you from getting what you want – your life becomes what you are consciously choosing for it to be rather than how you are unconsciously reacting to it.

Now we just mentioned clearing the blockages that keep you from getting what you really want. You can state the most powerful intention, but if you have limiting beliefs – attaining your intention will be difficult.

For example, if your intention is “I intend to become financially independent and debt free.”

Yet deep down inside you grabbed onto the belief that money is scarce, then your intention carries with it that limiting belief – you believe that money isn’t available to come to you and so…it doesn’t.  This is why clearing techniques are so important.  And quite honestly we don’t know we have these limiting beliefs, fears and negative emotions because they are in our unconscious.

Clearing methods like SVH – Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique, EFT, PSYCH-K(TM), and hypnosis  -  will help you frame your intentions in the most powerful way possible and clear the junk that is blocking you from receiving what you really want.

Creating A Powerful Intention

Begin getting what you really want today.  Create an intention. Think about what you really want for your life, eliminate the limiting beliefs you’re aware of, and frame it in the most positive language and emotions possible – tap into that Inner Power Source. It is your divine birthright.

Declare your intention out loud, in a strong voice and with conviction or repeat mentally to yourself. Make it part of your daily practice. Record it in writing. Affirm your intention daily upon awakening and before going to sleep at night. Make it your mantra for at least 40 days. This is a spiritual practice and a form of active prayer involving conscious choice and declaration.  Have fun with it!



©2009 Deborah A. Lindholm

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, but you must include the following resource information in its entirety: Deborah and Michael Lindholm are co-owners of Serenity Matters, LLC. They are dedicated to empowering clients and students with the Serenity Vibration Healing® tools.

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As always, please consult with qualified health professionals before putting session or workshop ideas into practice. The ideas and techniques are not meant to diagnose or replace the need for medical attention or professional mental health care.

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