Finding Serenity In The Midst Of Chaos

Did you ever wonder how some people just seem to stay calm in the midst of chaos?

Today’s article gives you a different perspective about chaos. It shows you how cultivating a few simple practices can make a difference when it comes to keeping your cool. The holidays can bring up lots of chaos, right?

Whether you’re in the middle of the holiday season, dealing with a friend or a family member who is going through something difficult, super busy at work or perhaps you’re stuck in the current financial quagmire – chaos looms all around us.

It’s unavoidable. We cannot control others around us. We cannot control how they react, what happens to them nor ourselves at times.

However, we can control how we react. We can find serenity in the midst of chaos.

Here’s how:

Take time to practice self care. It’s easier to stand outside of the chaos swirling around you if you take time to practice self care. Self care means taking time out of your busy day to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

This can be done through meditation, journaling, praying, and reading. Creative artisticexpression, exercise, eating well, dancing, getting a massage and taking luxurious bubble baths are effective ways to nurture yourself. Laughing with friends, telling loved ones that you love them and spending time with them are more examples. There are many ways to practice self care. Find ways to celebrate who you are and make time for you each and every day.

Incorporating self care into your daily routine will make those chaotic moments feel less chaotic. They’ll be more manageable, and you’ll be able to stay calm, cool and collected.

Find joy in the moment. The kids are screaming, dinner is burning on the stove, the phone is ringing, the dog is barking. All of a sudden your child walks up to you and vomits on your new sweater. Total chaos, right? It could be, or it could be hysterically funny – it all depends on your point of view. You could yell at your kids, complain about your partner or spouse not helping you with dinner, kick the dog and throw that sweater right into the garbage or…

You could ignore the phone call, that’s what voice mail is for. You could ask the screaming children to play with the dog. You could embrace your vomiting child, give them a big hug, turn off the burner, drop that new sweater into a sink of cold water and laugh at the moment. Sounds impossible right? It’s not. There is joy in each and every moment, even the really tough ones. Focus on that joy, nothing else really matters.

Express Gratitude. When all heck is breaking loose it becomes easy to focus on the negative. All the troubles and difficulties suddenly seem to overwhelm. Negative energy creeps up on you, often without you realizing it, and your balance of power is changed. Maybe you feel like a victim. Negative energy, thoughts, and emotions now pervade, causing you to feel powerless. To change your balance of power in the face of chaos – remember what you’re grateful for.

In the chaotic household example above, you could be grateful for voicemail, take out, Woolite and a one way doggie door! You could also be grateful for your capacity to manage such a tremendous household and have such wonderful children because even when they’re screaming, they’re pretty darn amazing, right? Be grateful for your strengths, for being alive, for the ability to separate yourself from the chaos and gain perspective.

Surrender. Sometimes chaos can seem so unimaginably terrible that the only thing you can do is give it up to a higher power. To surrender the moment and the outcome to the Creator, the Creator in you, your Inner Power Source or the universe, knowing that everything will be okay.

To have faith that ultimately, even if you do not understand the why of it, there is a reason for everything. We each have our own challenges to overcome and there’s a much bigger picture than we usually are able to understand when we’re in the midst of chaos. If you can let go of the outcome, then you’re better able to manage how you respond both externally and internally. You can find serenity in the face of chaos.

Clearing away negative and limiting thoughts, empowerment coaching, and a commitment to following your personal path are proven approaches to banishing chaos. The whole world can be crumbling before you and yet you’re able to stand there knowing full and strong that you’re on the right path, choosing peace.

© 2008 Deborah A. Lindholm

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