Free Teleseminar: The Reviews Are in….on Abundance…on Weight Loss


Serenity Matters held a free teleseminar recently entitled How to Clear Away What’s Bugging You and Attract What You Really Want Instead. Michael and I were the hosts.

It’s been a delight to hear that so many people found the teleseminar beneficial and enjoyable.

I’ve been answering listeners’ questions and comments since the teleseminar. Themes about abundance and weight loss are on a lot of people’s minds. Many individuals are reporting noticeable changes already. How great is that? 

A number of listeners mentioned that they liked the ”I Wonder” exercise, including when I used weight loss as an example….hmmm. Watch for our next free teleseminar on how to “Uncover Your Naturally Slender Self.”

Michael led us on several mental journeys to shift from the cares and concerns of the day. The idea was to focus internally; set intentions to receive the highest and best good from the teleseminar and receive blessings from the Creator.

Julie Purdy, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, was truly inspiring as she shared how Serenity Vibration Healing helped her make important life changes. Julie filled us with hope, conveying her unique philosophy of “Living Powerfully!”

During the last part of the seminar, Jill Marie, founder and developer of Serenity Vibration Healing, used her state-of-the-art active form of prayer to help listeners clear away blocks to abundance. She even included a special gift for anyone who listens to the recording.

The recording will be ready any day now so check in again or sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest Serenity Matters news.

We want to thank everyone who attended. It was wonderful to spend the evening with you….helping you to clear away stuff that’s been keeping you from getting what you really want.

With joyful regards,

Deborah A. Lindholm

Serenity Matters, LLC

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