Happy New Year – Framing Your Intentions For Better Results in 2009


How you state what you want in the new year, including the energy within you when you state what you want and the words you choose, has a profound effect on your results. Framing your intentions in the most favorable and positive light will help you attain what you really want for your life.

This is far more powerful than writing down a few hasty New Year resolutions or glibly saying that you want to change a habit or accomplish a goal.

Before you can understand how to frame your intentions, it is important to understand what an intention is.

What Are Intentions?

Intention, as defined by the dictionary is:


1. aim or objective: something that somebody plans to do

2. quality of purposefulness: the quality or state of having a purpose in mind

Intentions are the first step to getting what you really want.  They’re essential because a well framed intention encompasses both what you desire along with the positive emotions and energy necessary to receive it back from the universe.

For example, “I intend to be better with money,” is much different than “I intend to become financially independent and debt free.”

The former, “I intend to be better with money,” implies ambivalence, doubt and even a lack of commitment to the intention itself.  It takes with it these negative or at the very most apathetic emotions with it out to the universe.  Now as you know, like attracts like.  If you’re ambivalent or negative about your intention well…the universe is going to be unsure or negative with the results it sends to you.

However the very positive and specific latter intention carries with it all the weight of an affirmation.  It’s a clear objective with a strong purpose.

Now you might be scratching your head and wondering what the difference between an intention and a goal is.

A goal is defined as:

the end toward which effort is directed: aim

While it is typically quantifiable and measurable, like “I want to save $10,000 towards retirement this year” it isn’t stated with the same purpose as an intention. An intention is a goal which asks for divine inspiration, assistance, and guidance – it carries with it a state of purpose. Goals are great and are very useful. Intentions, however, are much more powerful because they incorporate all of your energy – conscious, unconscious, and the divine to help you attain your objective.

Intentions Matter

Intentions are the first step toward getting what you really want out of life.  They’re the first step toward serenity.

Your Inner Power Source, the soul within you which is the divine, gives you what you ask for. When you ask for it with feeling, know who you really, really are, and release the blockages that keep you from getting what you want – your life becomes what you are consciously choosing for it to be rather than how you are unconsciously reacting to it.

Now we just mentioned clearing the blockages that keep you from getting what you really want. You can state the most powerful intention, but if you have limiting beliefs – attaining your intention will be difficult.

For example, if your intention is “I intend to become financially independent and debt free.”

Yet deep down inside you grabbed onto the belief that money is scarce, then your intention carries with it that limiting belief – you believe that money isn’t available to come to you and so…it doesn’t.  This is why clearing techniques are so important.  And quite honestly we don’t know we have these limiting beliefs, fears and negative emotions because they are in our unconscious.

Clearing methods like SVH – Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique, EFT, PSYCH-K(TM), and hypnosis  -  will help you frame your intentions in the most powerful way possible and clear the junk that is blocking you from receiving what you really want.

Creating A Powerful Intention

Begin getting what you really want today.  Create an intention. Think about what you really want for your life, eliminate the limiting beliefs you’re aware of, and frame it in the most positive language and emotions possible – tap into that Inner Power Source. It is your divine birthright.

Declare your intention out loud, in a strong voice and with conviction or repeat mentally to yourself. Make it part of your daily practice. Record it in writing. Affirm your intention daily upon awakening and before going to sleep at night. Make it your mantra for at least 40 days. This is a spiritual practice and a form of active prayer involving conscious choice and declaration.  Have fun with it!



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