Help the Children of Garbage City!


Jill Marie of Serenity Ministry(TM) has a mission and a vision:

Help the Children of Garbage City!

Put your wallet away.
This is about manifesting through directed thought.


Hold the Vision of a New Life
for these Children.

These children live in Manshiyat Naser (also known as Garbage City), which is a slum settlement on the outskirts of the city of Cairo. Their economy revolves around the collection and recycling of the city’s garbage.

During November a world team humanitarian mission was led by Jill Marie of Serenity Ministry(TM) (a worldwide ministry) to visit Saint Teresa’s Orphan Home in Garbage City. The mission team brought gifts, toys and money for the children, but discovered that there was an urgent need for food.

The orphanage works to save the lives of the babies living in Garbage City and also houses elderly women that have nowhere to go. It is run by the nuns of The Order of Mother Teresa.

How Can You Help?

Please listen to a short recording that will guide you to hold a vision for 30 seconds to help create miracles for these children.
(Click below for the recording)
A new recording by Jill Marie is available!

Together we can make a difference. Our thoughts and our prayers and energy can help to create new waves of change for the children of Garbage City.

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