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3 Steps to Bring Mr. Wonderful Closer to You

The subject of intimate relationships dominates the conversations of many women.  Regardless of their age or their marital status, women are asking each other and even their male friends why they can’t seem to find Mr. Wonderful or bring out the wonderful in their current relationship.

Married women are seeking the advice of relationship experts to help them improve their marriage or decide to get out of it. Fed up with the status quo, they wonder if there’s anyone out there better than what they’ve got. Often they end up feeling guilty about their thoughts, but they’re scared to move on and can feel trapped.

Single women are mystified when they keep attracting the same kind of guy who turns out to not be “the one” or they have a guy and he’s not willing to pop the question. Frustration is high and feelings of hopelessness often set in. They too start to get scared and think – why bother? It’s easier sometimes to just be alone.

A few simple steps can actually make a big difference in attracting Mr. Wonderful or improving your relationship with him if he’s already in your life and something is missing.

Clarify what you want in your ideal relationship. Really think about the qualities that are important to you in a guy that you want to spend the rest of your life with. What values do you want him to have? What kind of personality and character is most appealing to you? What interests do you want to share with him? What kind of lifestyle do you envision? What physical characteristics do you find attractive? Does it matter if he’s been married before, is a parent or has pets? What about his level of education, vocation or financial status? Brainstorm everything that you can think of and write it all down. This is the profile of what you are choosing for your Mr. Wonderful. Read it over for at least 30 consecutive days preferably before you go to sleep and upon awakening. Let your imagination run with it if time permits.

Become accountable to yourself. As you think about your ideal guy, ask yourself – what has stopped or blocked me from having the kind of relationship I dream of? The point here is to look within yourself for the beliefs, the expectations and the behaviors that are counter-productive to what it is that you say you want. How do you sabotage the relationship? What can you change that will make a positive difference in the type of guy you attract or in the relationship that you already have? What actions can you take that you haven’t done before? Think out of your comfort zone when you ask these questions and keep track of your answers. They will probably be revealing. As you act upon them, you are taking responsibility for co-creating your relationship.

Claim your Mr. Wonderful. With the conviction that you would make standing at the altar with your ideal guy, look at your description of him and state aloud and unequivocally, “I choose these qualities or something better in my mate. I call him to me now. I ask that he be recognizable to me and me to him.” Of course, if you are already in a committed relationship that you intend to stay in, simply state, “I choose these qualities or something better in my mate.” Next, hand the whole project over to a higher power, meaning God, the Creator, the Universe, your soul, your Inner Power Source, High Self or whatever you acknowledge that is greater than your ego. Do this by mentally directing, for example, “Here God, you manage this and bring this to me. Thank you.” Every time that you think about your relationship, focus on the profile that you’re choosing rather than the lack of what is at the moment. Trust that it is finished in divine order.

There is no reason to feel disempowered or like a victim when it comes to your romantic relationship. Getting clear about what it is that you’re looking for in your ideal guy will help stop the mixed messages you send out. Taking responsibility for your role in the relationship rather than blaming the guy is far more productive than trying to control his behavior or wishing he would change. Lastly, invoking divine assistance can give your stated intentions a power boost that goes beyond your current thinking and can delightfully bring you something better in yourself or in him.

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