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To give you a helping hand, Michael and Deborah are pleased to offer you a Complimentary Discovery Session…

It doesn’t matter what your goals are. The inspiration and the solutions are within you. To help you know and understand this, we have developed a S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system to guide clients toward a serene mind and the inner power and solutions that are within everyone.

In a private one-on-one coaching program, you can easily learn to use the S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system and apply your inner awareness and power to what matters most to you in your life.

A Complimentary Discovery Session is a prerequisite to enrolling in a private one-on-one coaching program, but the main focus during the session is to help you get clear about what your next step is to have the breakthrough you’re looking for. We are dedicated to that purpose because we’ve found that it better serves your interests and ours! It’s a win-win. You get a helping hand with something you’re struggling with and we get an opportunity to serve you, which fulfills our path and mission.

As an added benefit, you have the option to evaluate firsthand during the Complimentary Discovery Session whether it’s a fit for you to work with us as you’re getting to know us a little more. Likewise, if you choose we can tailor a program to fit your needs, budget and specifications, based on what you share with us during the session.

Just click here to get started and give us some feedback. We can do a better job for you if we know where you’re coming from. Anything you tell us is absolutely confidential and we protect all your information.

What is your S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system?

In dealing with the challenges of life, Michael and Deborah discovered their unique Inner Power Source. The discovery greatly enriched their lives, leading them to develop The S.M.A.R.T. Solution to the Stuff of Life: How to Recover from Just about Anything & Rebuild What Matters.

The S.M.A.R.T. steps are easy to learn and follow:

Spiritual connection

    Mindset awareness

    Acceptance of emotions

    Reality check

    Transformation happens

The S.M.A.R.T. steps guide you to develop a productive relationship with your Inner Power Source, which stems from increased awareness of your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your Higher Consciousness all aligned and working together in harmony for your welfare.

This holistic method helps you to gain clarity and apply that clarity to life situations and goals, assisting you to become congruent with your values and aligned with your deep inner wisdom and awareness. The result is less inner conflict and less self-sabotage, resulting in a serene mind that is conducive to your well-being.

Michael and Deborah use an easy, informal conversational approach, combining conscious mind education with subconscious updating and Higher Consciousness input. It’s simple and effective to do over the phone. It’s as if you’re casually talking with and connecting to your personal source of empowerment when you are guided through the system they use.

Your role is to simply focus on yourself and state what you want to accomplish. Using proven techniques to work with your consciousness, the S.M.A.R.T. steps engage your Inner Power Source to help you improve your health, transform your relationships, create prosperity, reduce stress and live the life you most desire.

The S.M.A.R.T. system updates what we think of as life coaching or mentoring and how we use these approaches. It holistically blends effective coaching techniques and higher sense perception with discoveries related to the human energy field, Higher Consciousness, brain health and neuroplasticity, cell biology and much more.

It’s useful for any application, easy to do and no experience is necessary.

What do you mean by Inner Power Source (IPS)?

We define your Inner Power Source (IPS) as stemming from the increased awareness you develop of your inner world as you apply the S.M.A.R.T. steps. Your inner world consists of your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your Higher Consciousness. Your inner power soars when all the aspects of your inner world are on the same page and working together for your benefit…and those benefits show up in your outer world!

You’re probably most familiar with your conscious mind because it’s the part that thinks about goals, makes plans and judges things. The conscious mind reasons and thinks in general terms, seeing the big picture. Intuition can be accessed and imagination engaged by way of the conscious mind. You exercise your free will through the conscious mind.

The conscious mind is the gatekeeper to the subconscious. In other words, nothing gets through to the subconscious without being accepted first by the conscious mind. That’s a lot of inner power, but there’s even more inner power in the functions of the subconscious mind, which can handle more data and process it faster than any super computer.

Our subconscious begins forming in utero, taking up the job of recording and categorizing our life experiences as past memories, beliefs, attitudes and values that affect our current thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions. It also monitors and operates all of our bodily functions, which is a big job.

As we experience new found emotions and sense the emotional states of others, the subconscious is noting the experience and relating it all to other recorded experiences. When we interact with the world through our physical senses and learn by repetition, the subconscious is taking it all in and recording the data in long-term memory, thereby creating the foundation for habits and for really how we live from day to day.

Becoming a vast reservoir of stored data, the subconscious automatically reinforces previously formed beliefs, attitudes and behaviors even when we subsequently choose something different with our conscious mind. The subconscious thinks literally with all this data backing up actions and validating our emotions.

Consequently, the subconscious mind affects our physical health and everything that we do and attempt to achieve in our life. That’s why the subconscious mind is such a powerhouse, because it drives 95% of our daily behavior, according to experts. Unless, of course, you are primarily tapped into your Higher Consciousness, which is often the greatest source of untapped inner power.

Your Higher Consciousness is also known as your soul, superconscious mind, Higher Self, Inner Being, God, Source, Creator, All-Knowing Self and Non-Physical Self. There are many ways to describe this unlimited and infinite aspect of you. It is the part of you that never dies and is connected to All-That-Is. Having access to the highest wisdom and awareness, your Higher Consciousness yearns to be awakened, acknowledged and relied upon to assist you to achieve health, wealth and happiness in your life among other things.

Your Inner Power Source (IPS) is an untapped resource that lies under utilized until you learn how it works, how to tap into it, notice it, listen to it and rely on it. When you say “Yes” to any of our programs – you are saying “YES!” to your IPS, acknowledging yourself as your personal source of empowerment.

As Inner Power Coaches, Michael and Deborah are thrilled to share what they’ve learned so far about how to tap into your deep inner awareness and wisdom and how to use it so that you begin to experience real and noticeable positive changes in your life…where it matters to you most.

 What are the techniques and modalities that you use?

At Serenity Matters, Michael and Deborah are dedicated to empowering clients and students worldwide to awaken their Inner Power Source.  Our system, the The S.M.A.R.T. Solution to the Stuff of Life: How to Recover from Just about Anything & Rebuild What Matters, is remarkably self-empowering and can put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Together, Michael and Debora have backgrounds in hypnosis, EFT, Serenity Vibration Healing® (SVH), ministerial counseling, psychotherapy, meditation, and PSYCH-K™.

C.Ht. – Certified Hypnotherapists typically use breathing exercises, guided imagery and music to facilitate a state of relaxation in the mind and body. The hypnotist carefully chooses words and phrases, tone of voice and tempo, to induce a relaxed state of mind or what might be referred to as a trance.

A light trance is commonly experienced by people when they are watching TV or sitting at a red light in traffic. Research has shown that a person in a relaxed state of mind is highly responsive to making changes, which are agreeable to them on a conscious level. That means with your permission, hypnosis helps you reconstruct undesirable patterns and behaviors to desirable ones. Hypnosis can never be used to get you to do something against your free will; on the contrary, it is a powerful tool that you can learn to use to master your own mind.

EFT – Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, the Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system, without the use of needles.

Unlike other energy healing methods, EFT incorporates an emotional element to the healing process, addressing unresolved emotional issues as a likely cause of physical disease, psychological dysfunction, and personal performance limits. Properly applied, EFT rapidly realigns the energy meridians related to negative memories. It helps to disconnect the physical discomfort that you attached to them, and quite often removes the resulting symptoms and emotional imbalances.

SVH – Serenity Vibration Healing® is a self empowering, breakthrough, active prayer method that effectively releases counter-productive thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions; buried in the unconscious and subconscious, inherited through genetics, or carried forward by the soul.  

According to Jill Marie, founder of SVH, it reformats and re-scripts whatever blocks you or limits you from making desired changes in your life. SVH teaches you how to have a unique, transformative experience of communicating with the Creator. As a mastery tool, it ignites your path and purpose with clarity, focus, and conscious awareness; freeing you to live the life of your dreams. It is a step-by-step prayer system; all the hard work is done for you by the Creator. 

PSYCH-K™ – This is a remarkable, non-invasive, holistic technique that quickly changes outdated perceptions and beliefs buried in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores your beliefs, attitudes, and values whether they are helpful or hurtful to your current life.

</strong> It is well known that as much as 95% of your consciousness is actually subconscious. This means that most of what you think and do each day is actually habitual. Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K™, developed the technique to balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain with respect to self-sabotaging and self-defeating beliefs or perceptions. The balancing creates the potential for you to make dramatic changes in your life.

As Inner Power Coaches, we guide clients to tap into their inner awareness and power. We’ll draw on our experiences, our connections with our inner awareness and power, and The S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step system, assisting you to make quantum leaps with your goals because Serenity Matters more than you may realize. It’s much more than a state of mind…and we’ll let you in on a well kept secret here…it’s also a frequency of vibration that is key to your inner power! You’ll notice that the people we work with have achieved remarkable results because they are experiencing their inner power.



As always, please consult with qualified health professionals before putting session or workshop ideas into practice. The ideas and techniques are not meant to diagnose or replace the need for medical attention or professional mental health care.

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