Serenity Vibration Healing® Teleclasses – February


Serenity Vibration Healing® Teleclasses

Discover the Secrets of Serenity and Learn Amazing Self-Empowering Tools in the new year.

The feeling of being able to do something for yourself that makes a huge difference in your life is unbelievably satisfying……and well…self-empowering!

“When we get in touch with that essential part of our being, then anything is possible, no matter the obstacles. The SVH® teleclasses give you the tools to live and dream life without limitation.”

Amy Yancy, Charleston, SC

Serenity Vibration Healing® is a cutting edge technique that gives you the clarity to create the life you want. It quickly frees you from unwanted and limiting thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and memories. It’s easy to learn over the phone and no experience is necessary.

Our next series of Serenity Vibration Healing® Level 1 teleclasses begin in February. The full schedule is posted on our calendar at www.serenitymatters.com.

Taking part in a group phone class is easy, fun, convenient and cost effective. You can do a class from anywhere you have access to a phone. The classes are filled with rich content and the manual has recently been updated.

For more information and to register, go to www.serenitymatters.com . Class size is limited.

If you have any questions, call Deborah at 843-991-5089 or e-mail i...@serenitymatters.com

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As always, please consult with qualified health professionals before putting session or workshop ideas into practice. The ideas and techniques are not meant to diagnose or replace the need for medical attention or professional mental health care.

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