The Power of Group Energy: Healing Together


A healing circle is formed by a group of like-minded people who pray together at a specific time for the purpose of requesting and directing healing to an individual or group through the natural working of energy and divine intervention. Many times, this is a form of distance healing as the person or people praying are not physically present with those seeking the healing.

Healing circles may be held by local churches, online forums and groups of like-minded individuals, including practitioners of modalities which incorporate the direction and use of spiritual healing. Unity Church, which describes itself as a “positive, practical Christianity,” is one church that brings individuals together regularly for healing circles and also offers an online service for group prayer requests. Practitioners of Serenity Vibration Healing® is an example of a modality that incorporates an active form of prayer in its approach and some practitioners respond to requests for healing circles on a case-by-case basis.

People who are dealing with a health challenge may often find that it is not enough to merely Group Energy address the physical symptoms. Optimum health is attained by paying attention to the whole self – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Likewise, incorporating energy healing via a spiritually-based healing protocol is considered by many to be highly beneficial and assists in all aspects of healing.

Healing circles call forth divine light to support the body’s holistic self-healing abilities, and provide an avenue for the mind and emotions to align with the body’s desire to be healthy. Typically, it is useful to look behind the current physical symptoms and find the underlying non-physical needs that the body wants fulfilled and dissolve the related energy blockages.

Disruptions of one’s own natural energy can occur as a result of unresolved or unexpressed emotions, limiting thought patterns and genetics. The absence of clarity and focus, passion, joy, harmony and peace in daily life may lead to imbalances when it comes to overall health. By addressing our wholeness and utilizing divine light, we are better able to achieve maximum healing and realize our full potential.

There is inherent power in the group energy formed by healing circles. When healing directed thoughts are sent frequently or by a larger number of individuals, they are automatically uploaded to energy grids. The grids receive the thoughts to form an exponentially powerful energy pulse, which can be utilized by all with the assistance of divine intervention.

Even a simple prayer by a healing circle each day will send a pulse of energy to the grids for healing and raise the frequency of vibration and light to a higher level, thereby benefiting everyone. The divine nature of healing circles transcends the limits of time and space and produces an unbroken transmission of energy, repeating over and over without end.

Energy healing is a completely safe and non-invasive way of channeling the body’s natural energy with the help of the divine. It assists with safe healing at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Energy healing has no exclusivity with specific religions, yet it is directed by spiritual guidance and orchestrated by divine intervention. Healing circles provide support for those in need of healing and they are a way for others to be of service in a spiritual capacity. This method can be used in addition to other methods of health care, enhancing what is provided or what is received from the hospital or health care providers.

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