The Power of Your Intentions


This is the time of year people make well-meaning goals for themselves about what they “should” do – lose the weight, sip green drinks with flax seeds, and get in shape.  The gyms fill up, irritating the regulars.  But by February the gym is emptied of new members and things are back to normal.

That’s the way it goes with New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions often don’t work because people are concentrating on their negative traits, asking “What’s wrong with me?” and “How can I fix it?” Resolutions can be associated with denying oneself pleasure and suffering to get results.  It’s almost as if you were “bad” last year and you punish yourself — at least until you slack off – then you receive the added bonus of feeling even worse now that you’re a failure too.

There is an easier, gentler and more effective way to go – by using the power of intentions every day – not just at the start of the year.  Intentions can be used for each situation you encounter.  You can wake up in the morning and have an intention for your day: “I intend to accomplish my tasks with joy, ease and grace.”  Or set an intention before you walk into a meeting about the desired outcome, how you want to feel, or that all hearts will align for the highest good.

Intentions are propelled by the momentum of renewal and flow.  They change as you grow because they are predicated on taking your emotional temperature.  A good question to ask is “How do I want to feel in this situation?”

Exercise: Setting Intentions

As you go about your days this week, practice setting intentions: Think of how you will feel and what a difference it will make in your life.  You can set intentions for:

  • The entire day
  • Phone calls with clients
  • Meetings or client sessions at work
  • Your exercise routine
  • Dinnertime with the kids
  • Exchanges with your spouse
  • Homework time
  • Personal projects or special events

Just thinking about the desired outcome makes you feel uplifted, and it’s possible to make an overarching intention for your life, such as “I am healthy, loving, prosperous and joyful.”

Keep your intentions evolving and notice when they don’t motivate you anymore.  As you use this tool, you’ll find you may achieve the desired outcome, but you might not feel the way you want to — there’s a missing element.  You’ll always need to modify, deepen or change intentions entirely as you grow.  Say you achieved your money goal but you’re exhausted.  Your next intention may be that your work will seem like play.  And when you add concepts such as “happy surprises,” you leave room for something good to happen outside the realm of what you can conceive.

Exercise:  Expanding Your World with Intentions

The more you set intentions, the more you are consciously co-creating your life.  To further reinforce this, make lists of intentions and be sure to check them off.

Every day congratulate yourself for what you accomplished.  At times, a celebration may even be in order.

Read client testimonials or thank you cards over and over.  Really take in the words and be aware of the powerful and positive contribution you are making.

By the same token, give recognition to others when they do something notable, and speak from your heart.  Not many people notice and comment on others’ attributes, so it takes some courage.  Think back to things people have said about you and notice how it gave you confidence.  As you do that for others, you are creating a positive intention for them, and a ripple effect of kindness that can change the world as you know it.

© Deborah A. Lindholm

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