What is Motherhood Worth?


Of course we can’t really put a value on motherhood. Motherhood is priceless; however an annual calculation by attempts to put a price on it. The company has devised a method for calculating the monetary value of the primary tasks a mother does for her family as if it was one paid job. For the past 10 years, the company has surveyed stay-at-home mothers and applied their method to calculate a national base salary for the position of motherhood. found in 2010 that the value of the work performed by a stay-at-home mom amounts to $122,732 in workplace salary. A mother who works 40 hours a week outside of her home also performs work at home that is comparable to $76, 184 in paid earnings. These figures represent what employers would have to pay in cash for all the jobs that mothers ordinarily do.

In order to arrive at the national base salary for moms, researchers at gathered data from over 28,000 mothers and determined the top 10 jobs that they perform. Typically, a stay-at-home mom does work similar to the following paid positions:

1. Laundry machine operator
2. Janitor
3. Van driver
4. Housekeeper
5. Computer operator
6. Cook
7. Daycare center teacher
8. Facilities manager
9. Psychologist
10. Chief executive officer

The researchers compiled the average amount of time that a mom spent at the various jobs during a week. Utilizing compensation specialists, applied employer pay rates for the jobs and weighted the amount of time spent at each job to come up with the average national salary for stay-at-home moms. The base figure, of course, could vary by geographic location, number of children and other factors.

Not surprisingly, the surveys revealed that stay-at-home moms and working moms put in significant amounts of overtime on the job as mother. For the stay-at-home mom overtime amounted to 56 hours a week, bringing her workweek total to 96 hours. A mom working outside of the home added 17 hours of overtime to her regular hours as a mom, plus a full time job outside of the home.

How important is the calculation to moms? That is a matter of personal opinion. Often, an individual consciously or unconsciously ties their self-worth to the amount of money they earn. Many women naturally know the high intangible value of the job of motherhood, which is commonly referred to as the most important job in the world. The calculation might not mean much to those women. It could be reaffirming however for some moms who might feel unappreciated or taken for granted.

For, the annual calculation appears to be a way to acknowledge the important economic contribution of mothers. The company also has the opportunity to showcase the free tools and resources that they offer job hunters and employers.

If you’re curious about what you would get paid as a mom, go to and have fun with the Mom Salary Wizard. This is one of the tools that the company offers and you’ll be able to find out what the going rate is for your job, adjusted for your geographic location and number of children. It may be a self-empowering exercise for you or perhaps a disempowering one, but information is power. What you do with that information is your choice and it could stimulate some personal growth, which by nature is self-empowering.

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