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It’s been quite a winter. As we talk to people that live in different parts of the country, the subject of weather comes up fairly often. It’s all a matter of what you’re used to, right? We love the moderate winter climate in SC, but the natives are saying it’s been a nasty, cold winter.

We’ve noticed that the people who seem less stressed about weather have been able to make peace with Mother Nature and it’s a lot easier on them. They go with the flow…like the stream below, which remains unfrozen. Michael likes to capture the movement of water in streams and waterfalls and he shot this one on a trip to Massachusetts.

Snow in Massachusetts

One good thing about undesirable weather is that it really does keep us indoors more, which gives us the opportunity to focus inward on ourselves. Sometimes the busyness of life can take hold and people lose track of their purpose in life or maybe haven’t even contemplated the subject yet.

Most people sooner or later will get around to thinking about the purpose of life even if it’s on their deathbed. We’re gently nudging you to begin to ponder the question – “Why does my life matter?”

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Michael & Deborah

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