Your Inner Power Source: How to Find It and What It Can Do for You


Your Inner Power Source is an innate infinite aspect within the wholeness of you, which can help you handle the day to day trials and tribulations of life while assisting you to evolve spiritually. Your inner power may also be referred to as your High Self, God Self, Inner Being or Soul, as well as various other ways to describe your connection to Source.

This power from within is available to everyone because it is the essence of who you truly are. The only prerequisite for using this power is to spend time seeking it out, thereby consciously incorporating the guidance and inspiration of this aspect of yourself into your daily life.

Amazing things can happen when you consciously access your inner power, which is your divine birthright. Some people are able to naturally access their inner power, accelerating their physical healing and achieving goals that were previously elusive. More commonly, it is necessary to seek out a teacher, guide or clergy to help you connect with your own inner power. Finding a good teacher will make the search for your inner power easier, as a teacher will guide you through the process.

When searching for our own inner power, we’re not talking about developing superhero abilities as some may think. The purpose of connecting with and utilizing your inner power is for our own personal well-being although you may ultimately help others too. Reducing stress, cultivating relaxation and enhancing self-confidence are exemplary issues to focus on when initially exploring the fullness of inner power.

Calling upon your inner power to neutralize uncomfortable or troubling emotions, such as anger or fear, is a highly effective practice to strengthen your connection. With conscious awareness and inner strength you can control your mind and emotions and influence the health of your body as well. It is something that typically you may find challenging to begin with; however having a strong sense of who you want to be can in time allow you to do this with ease and confidence.

Set a positive self image for yourself, as a goal to work towards. This alerts your Inner Power Source that you are choosing to be in alignment with the truth of who you really are spiritually and at an essence level. By setting this positive self image in your mindset beforehand, you will be less likely to revert back to looking at and following outside influences that you previously allowed to negatively define you. Peer pressure, even for adults can result in many adversarial forces trying to battle with the positive attributes you are diligently working to instill.

When your emotions are on the verge of escaping with a vengeance, it is within your power to neutralize or transform them rather than give into them and project them onto or towards another. Diffusing any anger, for example, that you may feel towards someone by acknowledging the presence of it and mentally handing it over to your Inner Power Source is an act of self-responsibility. Simply silently say something like, “I choose to let go of this anger and release it to Source.” Having the intention of engaging your Inner Power Source is all that is needed. By consciously letting your inner power take over, you have freed yourself from a potentially difficult situation and have demonstrated accountability for your own reactions and choices.

Accessing your Inner Power Source is also a means to attain abundance and prosperity in your life. Unlock that key and use it as a way to achieve what you want by bettering yourself, which naturally can enrich the lives of others and our world in the process. By becoming a master of your personal inner power you can attain your dreams. All things that we create as individuals begin with our minds, and it is ultimately our own responsibility to keep the negative feelings, words and actions at bay and nullify them.

Using your inner power will allow you to achieve more in your life, as you will be spending less time focusing on the negative aspects which surround you. By choosing to find and use your inner power, you are choosing a path to consciously connect with your innate nature, bringing your whole self into your everyday life experiences. All of your negative thoughts, feelings and actions can be counter-acted by following this path; giving you the gift of a more peaceful sense of being and the inspiration to marvelously create a life of joy.

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